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​ Orizuru Gacha Project

ー ​OGP ー


​ ■ Gratitude and new determination ■

Hello everyone. I'm Yoko Okudake, the representative director of P & P.
The Orizuru Gacha Project was able to reach its goal on the same day at a speed of 22 hours after the start of crowdfunding!
Thank you very much for your warm support and cooperation! We will firmly pack the support from everyone into capsules and grow into products and projects that convey the warmth of Japanese people.

And the bottleneck in the future to expand this project nationwide is to secure the installation place and the initial cost. You can increase the number of units in the same area one by one, but it is difficult to put only one in the new area. You cannot continue unless you have at least 3 units.

Increase the number of vehicles in the area with the benefit of the area

I thought that was the purpose of this project, "to create a work for regional promotion together with the region." Currently, we have started making and verifying model cases in the Narita area of Chiba prefecture so that we can expand it in as many areas as possible. We would be grateful if you could continue to support and consider support. Please help us. Thank you.

​ General Incorporated Association Employment Support Network for Persons with Disabilities P & P Representative Director Yoko Okudake




​ Orizuru Gacha Project


Disability welfare with the community

Create work for regional promotion

​ This is a project.

With SPA by the whole disability welfare

The biggest weakness of handmade products

Mass production and distribution to new value

Let's evolve!

By maximizing profits, traditional in-house work

​It is possible to increase the work unit price by 10 times or more.


* What is SPA?

SPA is a coined word that combines the acronyms of "Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel" and is the most vertically integrated sales format that integrates manufacturing and retailing. In the 90's, the concept became widespread, and now all processes such as material procurement, planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, inventory management, and store planning are regarded as one flow, and waste and loss of the entire supply chain are eliminated. It is defined as a minimalizing business model.


JMR Life Research Institute: From Marketing Glossary


Until now, our corporation has continued to take on reckless challenges, saying, "You can't tell unless someone tries it!"

This project does not mean that I will set up a welfare office and aim for success with "Orizuru Gacha". This is a project in which many business establishments that are suffering right now work together to solve problems. Through this project, I would like to tell you about the current situation of welfare for persons with disabilities, what I would like to help you, and my thoughts. It will be long, but I hope you can read it.

​ ▼ SPA by disability welfare as a whole * Click each item to skip details



Our corporation consistently from planning to PR on behalf of welfare establishments
​ Comprehensive Produce


02. Manufacturing​

Welfare establishments of several completely different corporations cooperate with each other
Do one manufacturing
​ Line manufacturing

01. Operation

The offices in the area where the Gacha Gacha Machine is installed as if it were a small store
​ Operation management

04. Business development​

We have 3 machines in each area
From the 4th unit onward with each region
​ Expanded by region





​ ~ Project contents ~


​ ~ Support message ~


​ ~ Supporters ~


​ ~ Machine installation location ~


​ ~ Activity report ~

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​ Social issues you want to solve

Hourly wage 18 yen

​ ① Low income for persons with disabilities

Not a story over the far sea

Live in the same Japan

​ The same Japanese hourly wage.

Passing a sense of challenge

​② Passing between the administration and the site

Increasing the income of people with disabilities

Whose job is it?

​ It is difficult to solve by disability welfare alone

​49.5 %

③​ Shortage of human resources

"I can't continue" to the question "Do you want to continue your current job in 5 years?"

I answered "I can't say either"

​ Percentage of on-site support staff.

​ ① Low income for persons with disabilities    

* The materials were published when the project was launched.

​ The reality of an hourly wage of 18 yen

There are three main patterns of welfare services for people with disabilities. Among them, there are about 200,000 people with disabilities nationwide who work at Type B offices, which have the largest number of users. About 200,000 people work with an average monthly income of about 16,000 yen. The important thing here is that this number is the "average". I checked all the offices in Chiba prefecture where I live, but there are also offices with an hourly wage of 18 yen and a monthly income of 2,857 yen.

It turned out that there are quite a lot of business establishments with an hourly wage of less than 100 yen. On TV and other media, we see establishments that have succeeded in developing attractive products, but only a few establishments are in a difficult situation.


​② Passing between the government and field staff

* The materials were published when the project was launched.


​ The passing between the administration and the site that I experienced

The figure on the left is "About the formulation of a wage improvement plan", which visually shows that there is a difference in the sense of issues between the government and the business operator.

1. 1. Chiba Prefecture Wage Improvement Plan: P13
2. Outline of wage (wage) improvement plan of each office: P4-6


In other words, on-site staff are all the work of increasing the income of people with disabilities, in addition to the main business of "daily support work for people with disabilities."

The staff are busy with daily support work, and no matter how much time they have, they are short of time.

​ This work is carried out by employees with an average annual income of less than 3 million yen.

​③ 49.5% of staff may not be in 5 years  

* The materials were published when the project was launched.

Even in this situation, on-site staff are working hard every day to increase the income of people with disabilities.

However, according to the 2017 Survey on Labor Conditions of Persons with Disabilities Support Offices, "49.5%" of the employees asked, "Do you want to continue your current job in 5 years?" "I can't say either."

It may not be just wages and workloads, but the chronic industry-wide talent shortage is a problem.

It's only a matter of time before it gradually comes to light.

​ Reasons why people with disabilities have low income * Our company's own visit survey

The unit price of work for internal jobs is
Extremely low

Business establishments that do not have their own products that can be sold in the general market have no choice but to rely on in-house work.

​ However, from the history of getting internal work in price competition

The work unit price is extremely low.

For people with severe disabilities

The current law on welfare for persons with disabilities has no choice but to accept it in consideration of productivity.

​ However, we are actively accepting "people who want to participate in society by working".

​ Shortage of human resources

According to statistics, the income of persons with disabilities tends to be higher as the number of employees increases.

​ However, even if the number of staff is increased, the support from the government will be less for the establishments where the income of persons with disabilities is already low.

​ A vicious cycle that cannot be hired.

​ The combination of these three makes it difficult for us to solve the problem by ourselves.

Some offices will withdraw due to this situation.

However, it is definitely an important place for users (persons with disabilities) who go to the office.

I think it's a "must have place" .


In other words, it may be possible to break this vicious cycle by creating a job that can involve people with severe disabilities, placing an order at a higher unit price than conventional in-house work, and doing work other than production guidance .

The current situation can be changed if the work can be divided and divided well by taking advantage of the strengths of each business establishment.

In this way, the "Orizuru Gacha Project" was born.

​ ▼ Call by crowdfunding ▼

For crowdfunding

At Campfire Social Good, we did a project to raise the funds needed to "make a model case".

​ With the cooperation of many people
Achieved 22 hours on the same day.


​ ▼ SPA


From raw material procurement to end-user promotion activities

It is possible to maximize profits by consistently doing it at our corporation.


Product planning that was actually released by crowdfunding

​ <Example> Omikuji Orizuru Gacha

​B company


​A company

​ Letter C Company


Cooperate with one

Make things

​ Capsule Encapsulation Company D


* For business establishments in the installation area

​ Please work on encapsulation.


​ ▼ SPA


The biggest difficulty in SPA due to the overall disability welfare this time is store management. Even if that is not the case, there will be a shortage of human resources, and if you set up a shop, you will have to pay fixed costs such as rent. "What should I do? I came up with the idea of selling a capsule toy gacha machine as if it were a small shop .

​ Machine management and capsule toy replenishment / collection will be left to the office in the installation area.



​E company

​ Machine installation area



​ ▼ SPA

The "Orizuru Gacha Project" has a mission to create a community promotion job that can be participated in at any welfare establishment. We received support from all over the country to make this model case.


It is difficult for us to bear all the initial costs (about 100,000 yen per unit) all over the country, so we will prepare the first 3 units and increase the number of installed units with the profits of each region after the 4th unit = We are planning to increase the number of participating business establishments .


​ ▼ SPA

​ ▼ Introduction of support messages received from all over the country ▼


​ Takashi Harada

Harada Education Research Institute Co., Ltd.

​ President and CEO

"Activity" to shape your feelings
Through the success of the project
The appearance of confronting social issues encourages us.

"My thoughts come true"
Mr. Okudake's passion will open up the future of welfare.
We sincerely support the success of the project.


​ Mr. Isao Tamura

Yamato Solutions Co., Ltd.



Mr. Okudake's feelings for welfare are quite hot!

I am impressed with that feeling and support you.

​ If the [Thank you] of action power spreads all over the country, the number of happy people will increase! !!

​ Mr. Yasuo Tokuda

​ Planner

CEO of ee-LIFE Co., Ltd.

​ Japan Heritage Banshu Kiyomizudera Tourism Division Manager

I often learn from Mr. Okudake, who is a straightforward and hard worker.

​ I support you!


​ Mr. Motoyuki Funahashi

Linkmore Co., Ltd.

​ President and CEO

​ Previously, you made Amabie Senbazuru. I am still watching over the visitors in the lobby. Mr. Okudake said, "The most difficult thing is to decide what to do. Other things are tenacity. ”

Please do your best this time as well.


​ Kimiko Takei

Izumi Hiroshi Co., Ltd.

​ Managing Director

The ability to act to shape your feelings!

Mr. Okudake is straight and warm, so he naturally wants to support him.

​ Good luck!


​ Miki Hidaka

Thank you Mail Order Co., Ltd. Director​

Kobe Private Salon


Mr. Okudake is a comrade who studied together at a study session on independence development education. I've seen everyone make big decisions by themselves, aiming for a "free future where they can be what they want to be." I was encouraged to grow up overcoming various difficulties and barriers. Many people are pleased with the Orizuru items, and the circle of smiles is expanding.

We sincerely support the "Orizuru no Wa Project".

​ Hisami Inagawa

Work Meets Co. , Ltd.​ Representative Director

I am currently hosting a cross-industry exchange meeting in Kashiwa City, but in order to support the independence of people with disabilities, I consider the characteristics of the site as a positive value, and have the planning ability to utilize it and appeal it to the market. I feel that I need the ability to execute. There is no doubt that Mr. Okudake is an exceptional human resource with that background. We hope that this challenge will not only improve the working environment of welfare establishments, but also serve as a bridge for international exchange.


​ Kyoei Abe

Unlicensed nursery school Machida Children's MURA Director

The best mix of passion and action!

I think that there are many people who are engaged in welfare with passion and feelings, but Mr. Okudake has more energy than that, and after all, he will not give in to any troubles.

I will do my best to support the project that Mr. Okudake does.


​ Yoshito Hakken River

Goka Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Senior Managing Director

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

​ Chiba Craftsman General Division Traditional Craftsman

I'm always impressed with the attitude of having my own goals and working hard toward them in my footwork.

​ Please do your best.


​ Shinzo Sugai

MyStays Hotel Management Co., Ltd.​

Kanto Koshinetsu area general chef

Hotel Epinard Nasu Chief Chef

Hotel MyStays Premier Narita

​​ Total chef

I was impressed by Mr. Okudake's dedicated efforts and passion to help the people around me, and decided to support me if I could help.

Epinal Nasu

MyStays Premier Narita

​ I agree with P & P's efforts.

​ Yoko Nagata

Representative Director of PLUS-Y Co., Ltd.

​ Chiba Entrepreneur Support Business Executive Committee

​ There are some business establishments in the world that are increasing the profits of people with disabilities through self-help efforts .

However, the current situation is that there are many business establishments that cannot escape from the difficult situation due to lack of human resources even if they want to increase profits for users. Mr. Okudake stood up to change the current situation of "low income for people with disabilities" and "welfare establishments in difficult situations". Mr. Okudake's efforts may be a small step. But I think it's definitely a step to change the world. We sincerely support the success of this project !


​ Ms. Mieko Matsuura

Airline Club Ehime Representative​

​Honmaru Radio Personality

Yoko Okudake made of passion!

Why are you so strong? Why is it so bright? Every time I see her, I always feel it.

Her strength and brightness are hardcore! ​ I sincerely support Mr. Okudake who pushes forward with great aspirations.


​ ▼ Project members ▼ * Crowdfunding and donations (only for those who wish)



Representative Akira Akagami

★ Yamato Solutions Co., Ltd.​


Representative Director Isao Tamura

★ MyStays Premier Narita
Like Goichi



★ Harada Education Research Institute Co., Ltd.

​ President Takashi Harada

★ Ishido Co., Ltd.

★ Home education practitioner​

​ Eriko Shirasu

Masaaki Udagawa

★ Singer Tatsuya Nagasaki

★ Excavation captain

Goka Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd.

★ GK Sky Agency ​

★ Mr. Kyoei Abe

★ Mr. Yoshitaka Takeuchi

★ Emi Nishihara

★ Mr. Hiroyasu Terao

★ Miki Hidaka

★ Noriko Masuda

★ Mr. Harukuni Masaya

★ Mr. Keimitsu Onodera

★ Kimiko Takei

★ Jun Yamamoto

★ Kensuke Yamada

★ Nami Yamada

​ ★ Hiroko Onoma



★ Okini Co., Ltd. Masanori Noyori

★ Mr. HH

★ SS

★ Sea Project Co., Ltd.

★ Masao Ito

★ Kenichi Kobayashi

​ ★ Emicia Co., Ltd.

★ Mentor Mieko

★ Mr. Kazuo Tomita

★ Kirara

★ Mr. Kanie

​ ★ pasta

It is the HP notation set for the return of crowdfunding.  

Many people want to remain anonymous.

We were able to start this project with the support of a total of 63 people.


Thank you for your support.

We would be grateful if you could continue to support the Orizuru Gacha Project.

​ Thank you for your continued support.


​ ▼ Orizuru Gacha installation location information * As of R3.10.26

​Narita district


​ AEON MALL Narita


​ Hashira Deli & Cafe

※​R5.9 カフェコンセプトチェンジにより終了


​Keisei Narita Station


​ AEON MALL Narita


​ Hashira Deli & Cafe


​Keisei Narita Station

​ Asakusa district


​Keisei Ueno Station


​ Currently under development


​ Currently under development



​Keisei Ueno Station


​ Currently under development


​ Currently under development


​Keisei Ueno Station



​ Currently under development



​ Currently under development


観光産業とSDGsをつなぐ企業の資金負担のない循環パッケージ 『おりづるガチャ無料レンタルサービス』R4.2.25発表


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