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The General Incorporated Association Employment Support Network for Persons with Disabilities P & P supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


​ Business description ①

Product planning for disability welfare offices

​ Product production business

I'm in trouble

At P & P, with you

We aim to solve "trouble"! !!


Do you have any problems like this?

■ Companies ■

・ What is hospitality?

・ I want to acquire new customers with hospitality

・ I want to differentiate myself from my competitors! I want to be the company of choice!

■ Welfare office ■

・ I don't know what to make

・ I don't know where to sell

・ I've done what I can do ...

Your "trouble"

Change the future! !!



Differentiation from other companies is important for companies.

It is an era in which it is difficult to differentiate from other companies simply by [customer satisfaction]. P & P proposes [customer impression]. Together with an effective image enhancement strategy, we will provide a differentiation from other companies as a "company that values people" together with the story.


At ​P & P, we plan and produce " products that impress customers" for companies and "what companies want" for welfare businesses .

Welfare establishment

Welfare establishment


​P & P recommends "make what you want, not what you can make".

By "making things after deciding where to sell them, instead of making things and then selling them " , the physical and mental burden is lightened. Please feel free to contact us if you are in trouble.


≪Image figure≫


​ Eliminate the anxiety of direct communication

​ How far do you ask?

I was worried if I could do it

​ I was relieved to be able to do it well

​ I wasn't confident in my specialty, but I just had to make it as decided.

Considering the customs and business system of both parties

Everyone involved becomes happy

We will propose a plan

■ Requests to companies ■

Please feel free to contact us for anything. Your "trouble" will change the future.

[Is it discriminatory if I say this? ], And many companies are reluctant to talk about it, but at our corporation, experienced general companies will handle it. Compensation for work results is the same for both general companies and welfare businesses. It's a business.

The feeling that "it is forgiven because it is a disabled person (business establishment)" does not work in the business world.

We have a partner contract with a welfare company that understands this well, so companies can rest assured. We would appreciate it if you could consult with us as a business.

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