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The General Incorporated Association Employment Support Network for Persons with Disabilities P & P supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Your "trouble"

Change the future! !!

​ Business description ④

​ * Service only in northwestern Chiba prefecture. The area will be expanded in the future.

I'm in trouble


At P & P, with you

We aim to solve "trouble"! !!

Do you have any problems like this?

■ Companies ■

・ I am recruiting for a job, but no one comes

・ Part-time job does not take root

・ I will be retired when I grew up as a leader

■ Welfare office ■

・ I'm looking for a place to work outside the facility, but I can't find it.

・ There is no staff that can be put into business at the last minute

・ I don't know how to do business


Regarding employment of persons with disabilities

Consulting business



There are risks to hiring employees for a company. It costs a huge amount of money to raise people from recruitment. Even so, there are many cases where you change jobs due to career advancement when you grow up. P & P proposes to reduce the risk and cost.


​P & P names the labor force that does not have an employment contract as the [third labor force] and proposes it to each company.

* We may not be able to accept your request depending on the business content.

We may not be able to introduce you depending on your approach.

Please note.

Welfare establishment

Welfare establishment


​ Not only working outside the facility, but also finding a training place is not the "support" of the main business, but "sales" is necessary. I want to improve wages and give users experience, but I think the current situation is quite difficult. We will draw out the strengths of each business site and connect with companies that match the strengths.


≪Image figure≫


​ Eliminate the anxiety of direct communication

​ Will work for a long time

I want people to come

It's hard to recruit

​ You can do the work you have decided

I'm grateful if it's a simple task or a repetitive task ~

Considering the customs and business system of both parties

Everyone involved becomes happy

We will propose a plan

■ Requests to companies ■

Please feel free to contact us for any trivial matter. Your "trouble" will change the future.

Simple and repetitive tasks, which are generally less popular, are the tasks that welfare establishments are good at!

[Is it discriminatory if I say this? ], And many companies are reluctant to talk about it, but at our corporation, experienced general companies will handle it. Compensation for work results is the same for both general companies and welfare businesses. It's a business.

The feeling that "it is forgiven because it is a disabled person (business establishment)" does not work in the business world.

We have a partner contract with a welfare company that understands this well, so companies can rest assured. We would appreciate it if you could consult with us as a business.

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